Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Out of the gym and into the city...

Now that summer has finally arrived in Toronto, I've been enjoying a lot of time outside in the sun. I've become a more serious and focused runner. I got back on a bike (my neighbour's bike) and am seeing the city from a whole new perspective. And I find myself looking for new things to do that will spark my interest and keep 'the active life' interesting.

What this has meant then, is that I'm spending less time in the gym. So, I've had to shift my thinking a little bit around what makes a good workout, and what are the sorts of things that I can be doing outside of the gym that will not only help me continue to lose weight, but also to challenge the boundaries of my own perceptions of what I thought I could never do.

And I'm having fun doing it.

What has been a tremendous help is finding different resources to keep me interested, and to show me the range of things that can be done outside of the traditional construct of the gym. I stumbled upon a website a while back called Generation Go, and it's a fantastic source of information about what active living opportunities exist in Toronto. I've consulted with it extensively, and have used it to find new activities and things to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

What is also cool about Generation Go, is that as a resource, they've been very supportive of what I'm doing. I've gotten questions answered; am starting to make new connections, and today, they featured me in a profile of people who lead an active lifestyle!!! Very cool... so check it out:

I guess one of the important lessons I've learned is that getting healthy is indeed about good habits. For sure -- it takes discipline and commitment to make such a significant life change. But it's also about variety. It's about exploring new ideas, new activities, new options and new people -- to help keep your mind, body and spirit active. And the coming together of all three components... the synergy of mind, body and soul is what I have found is the key to unlocking my potential to make a change.

Maybe it's your key too...

Kia kaha
Stay strong