Friday, July 31, 2009

Oops, I did it again...

I've gone and done it. Again.

After setting a goal in January that I thought would tak
e until September to achieve, I met the goal in early May. Shortly thereafter, I was riding a pretty good high, and set my next goal with September 18 (my birthday) as my target: I wanted to reach 275 pounds.

Tonight I blew it out of the water.
A month and a half ahead of my target.

Tonight, I weighed in at 271.8 pounds. That's down 161.2 pounds since I was at my heaviest. Go ahead... do the math. I'm finally saying it publicly. There's no shame in saying that yes, I was once a 435 pound man. Not anymore!

Not only have I dropped 161.2 pounds, but I've a
lso trimmed over 70 inches of fat off my body. My confidence continues to grow. My strength improves each and every day, and my endurance is incredible. I train like an athlete. I am an athlete. I train hard at the gym. I run about 15km each week, and am picking up speed each and every day. My blood pressure is normal, and I've got the resting heart rate of a marathon runner.

Don't know what more to say... I feel amazing. I continue to learn more and more each day about my body, my spirit, and my self. I continue to push my physical and cognitive limits, and surprise myself at eac
h turn, learning that there is very little I can't achieve -- especially if I put my mind, my heart and my soul into it.

So there you have it... a quick update. Another moment of elation, of relief and of pride. And I can't say much more, because words cannot even begin to describe what moments like these mean to me.

(Sebastien and I after our sparring session tonight... always a good time!)

So, whatever your journey, whatever your path, whatever challenge you face, whatever battle you fight, I offer you again the two powerful words that my sister shared with me, and from which I draw tremendous strength and determination.

Kia kaha.
Stay strong, my friends. Stay strong.

PS. New goal... another 36.8 pounds before December 25, 2009. That'll be 200 pounds in 2 years. Talk about a Christmas present!!!