Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is business...

It's official. As of tonight, I have now dropped 170 pounds. In just about 19 months, I have lost the equivalent of a grown man. After Sebastien weighed me in at the gym tonight, he started to giggle a bit. He giggles every now and again, and I just pass it off as him enjoying what we're doing. But tonight the giggle meant a little bit more than I thought.

You see, last week, I recorded my first 'gain' since Seb and I actually started tracking my progress in weights and measures. I had two pretty nutty weeks at work prior to our session last week, and was just happy to still be standing at the end of it all. I worked 17 days straight with no days off, and managed to squeeze in some training here and there. My diet was crap -- I didn't load up on fast food, but I didn't necessarily try to eat well either. Let's just say that my daily dose of raw broccoli wasn't happening. So last week when I weighed in, I had gained just over a pound. I had been regretting that moment for quite some time. I told Seb time and time again that if my weight remains the same, I'm cool with that. But I'd simply lose it if I gained.

Gaining just wasn't an option.

But after our weigh in last week, I was frankly too freakin' tired to even care. So I gained a pound. Big deal. I'd make up for it. So I refocused, we fine tuned my resistance workout, I concentrated on my training for the upcoming 5km road race, and threw myself into my new obsession: spinning. And my focus paid off.

Tonight, I made up for last week, and lost four pounds, to finally arrive at a 170-pound loss. That's the same amount as a grown adult male. Seriously. 170 pounds!?!

And that's why Seb was giggling.

I still remember the moment when I clocked a 100-pound loss. That was exhilarating. It was overwhelming. I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats. And over the past few months, we have both quietly watched the pounds drop off, as I've continued to reach my goals time and time again. I hit my next milestone, and we indeed indeed celebrated those moments. But we just continued cruising along -- me doing my thing, Seb challenging me to do more each time, and things have been tickety-boo.

But he started laughing tonight because 170 pounds is a huge deal. As he said, "I mean, 100-pounds was a big deal... but 170 pounds is, well... ." We started naming people around the gym who we thought weighed around 170 pounds, and I quickly began to realize what I've accomplished. Pretty remarkable. I think Seb could only giggle because it's kind of well... indescribable.

And then we jumped right back into things and started my workout.
Business as usual.

What's been interesting to me over the past little while is that week after week, I lose weight. I find new ways to challenge myself, and continue to learn more and more about who I am -- not just as a person physically, but about who I am in all of my dimensions. But this is business. I take this stuff VERY seriously. A woman at work the other day asked me how I've done it -- again, that there must be some sort of secret. Simply being serious about the choice I made to take control of my life is how I've done it. And it's how I'll continue to make it happen.

It'll continue to happen because this is business.

Being active is a regular integrated part of my day. I make very few adjustments to my schedule -- that is, I very rarely compromise my workouts (lifting weights, running, cardio, kickboxing, spinning) for something else. My health, my wellbeing and my happiness are the most important things in my life, and there's no compromise on that. That's what taking this seriously is about. That's what staying focused is about. That's what getting results is all about.

So, the latest goal I've set for myself is to have lost 200 pounds by Christmas this year. That's 30 pounds in the next 3 months. With commitment and focus, I can make it happen. The results are indeed possible. But if I don't hit the goal, I'll keep on keepin' on. I'll keep on grunting, sweating, kicking, running, spinning.

Regardless of the outcome in the months ahead, the only thing that matters to me is that this is business.

And it's business for life.

Kia kaha.
Stay strong.


  1. That's the coolest blog post ever! So happy for you

  2. Hey congrats man! So what's the plan you use? What is your average? 10 pounds a month ain't bad at all!

  3. The business of your health - brilliant! What a great approach to give new perspective to so many people out there who may struggle with 'how to'....well, how does one get up every morning and go to work? The same way they could just as well get up and hit the gym or make themselves a healthy breakfast - Your body IS your business!
    Congratulations Chris!!!!!!!

  4. And it's Business for Life..BAM! Music to my ears man...enough said, YOU ROCK!!