Monday, March 30, 2009

Creature comforts...

As I'm sure you recall, Sebastien started blogging a while back, and I was posting my responses to his blog posts here. I've since started following a few other blogs, including that of Toronto Star columnist David Bruser, who is chronicling his move into the world of fitness and exercise. It's an interesting take on things, and encourage you to read it... for a bit of variety, if nothing else. That said, I'll also post my responses here.

So, in response to his most recent post, I offered my thoughts. Ironically, I was beginning to wrap my head around the same idea of how comfortable the gym has become, and how I know that when I go there, I can maximize every minute and get the job done. I know that I can put in 1 1/2 - 2 hours and burn 1500+ calories. I know who will be there, and what to expect. But as daylight lasts longer, and the temperature slowly warms, maybe it's time to think about taking it outside and maybe shocking my system with the outcomes of something new and exciting. But, we'll see. We'll see.

My response to Bruser's blog post:

It's amazing how comfortable you get in your own space. Just tonight after a workout at my gym (Riverdale Fitness), I was talking with one of the staff there about the fact that spring is in the air... and it's time to try something new -- maybe bring all the energy I'm cranking at the gym to some new outdoor activity. I kind of winced at the idea knowing that there is something very comforting to knowing what and who to expect at my gym. Now that the post-new years' resolution craze has died down, it seems to be back to the usual crowd of regulars who know one another, and most importantly, respect one another. We know that we're all there to get a job done, and don't get in one another's way in the process. It's like the unspoken code of how things work -- no one really goes over it with you, but there's remarkable comfort in the certainty that the regulars are there. So, for me, the thought of taking it outside to try something different now that the weather is looking better, is a bit of an intimidating prospect. Doing a 50-minute run on the treadmill at the gym is one thing... doing it in a new environment outdoors, where I don't know who's watching (probably no one, I should get over myself), or what to expect is kind of scary. So, I completely get the feeling of comfort. I understand how, when it's sometimes difficult to just show up to the gym in the first place, that you know what you're getting when you walk through the door. And it seems that once you're there, everything is alright. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

PS. It would be interesting to think about whether or not the dirty-sock pasta was really as bad, or if your tastes are evolving because your body is changing and your attitude is transforming. Although, kudos to you for indulging... even if it was in some soggy poutine. Complete deprivation only makes the craving stronger!

Kia Kaha.
Stay strong.


  1. Hey Chris. Your video was great. It was interesting listening to you talk about your balls hanging in the air ;) Anyway, I too have been wanting to take it outside, so my trainer and I have signed up to do a (mini) triathalon at the end of May! 500m pool swim, 16k bike, 3k run. I'm so excited/anxious about it, I dreamt that I forgot my bike!
    It was so cool to see you on screen that I was tempted to pick up the phone and call you. Do more videos!!

  2. A mini triathlon -- that's great! I discovered yesterday morning as I took the dog out, that she's not much of a runner... so taking it outside will be interesting if I want to include the dog!
    When is the mini-triathlon???
    And... who are you 'Anonymous'???