Sunday, August 31, 2008

Elvis has left the building....

Ok, so Elvis has left the building... and my feet have left the ground. Literally.

Had my training session this past Thursday, and was more than happy to show off the fact that I've taken up slogging (slow+jogging=slogging). Basically, you get to a certain point where increasing the incline and speed on the treadmill can be only so challenging, so I've taken to increasing the speed more than before, thereby forcing my feet off the ground into a slow jog. I don't think Sebastien believed what he was seeing, but indeed, I was jogging.

A 5 minute slog with a 45 second rest followed by another 5 minute slog, followed by a minute rest, finishing with another 5 minute slog seems to be working well. Oddly enough, the running feels easier as it goes on... that is, at minute 12-15, it feels great. In fact, minutes 4-6 are the hardest... so, if I make it beyond that point, I'm gold.

I'm also increasing my strength, and apparently my form and flexibility are improving as well. My assessments are positive, and things are moving in the right direction. I've lost an inch off each of my chest, waist, hips and arms... the thighs haven't gotten any smaller. And since I seem to have inherited my father's legs (98% muscle), they likely won't get any smaller. So, I'm wrapping my head around living with 28" thighs... yes... my quadricep is larger than a lot of women's waists... but I guess c'est la vie! I'll take them... better than chicken legs. Mmmmm... chicken. LOL!

I'm taking this weekend 'off' from the gym. Sebastien's orders. This isn't an entirely bad thing because it's the busiest time of year for work, and I've been working every day. Once I hit Wednesday at 2:00pm, I'll be a happy boy... but until then, I'm just getting out with the dog for a good long walk (the weather is fan-friggin-tastic!) and having good meals.... this apparently should give my body some rest and the muscles some time to heal -- gearing up for more exciting stuff and challenges in the weeks ahead. My classes start again next Tuesday, so I'm looking forward to testing myself, and my ability to keep all of this going -- work, school, working out, eating well, walking Rosie... but I'm confident that I've got the solid base of good habits that will make the challenging weeks ahead only that much easier!

So, that's the scoop. Still feeling like a million bucks, and happy that my feet are off the ground!!!

Kia kaha.

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