Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shoes Make the Man...

So, the workouts are going very well... I've spent the past two weeks trying to get to the gym every day, except for Thursdays... I give myself Thursday off because I work out with Sebastien on Wednesday nights, and frankly, I need the break. Getting to the gym every day during my two weeks vacation has been great for forming habits... so we'll see how next week goes when I head back to work -- planning to squeeze in a workout each night around 6:30.

Now that I'm feeling more confident about being in the gym and doing my thing, I feel like I can really focus on bringing everything into sync so that I can be successful. Past attempts at getting healthy have failed, I think, because it's too overwhelming to do a complete 180 and change everything all at once. By contrast, I've spent the past six weeks getting confident in the gym, figuring out the food side of things, and also tuning into my easily divergent thinking around how to maintain focus and keep exercise and diet in line. Heading into this next week at work, I feel like my feet are firmly planted and I'm focused on what I came here to do. About 4 weeks ago, Sebastien did an assessment (weight, BMI, etc.), which I had no desire to see -- it's too easy for me to get obsessed with numbers and caught up on the psychology of weight loss. He's going to do another assessment this coming week, and while I'm not wanting to see the numbers then either, I'm not necessarily holding out for huge changes. My goal for the past month has been to realistically think about and take steps towards changing my behaviours, without feeling extreme pressure to yield numerical results. I feel like patterns are changing and I can now start setting some achievable goals in the short and long term. Again, feet firmly planted and pointed in the right direction.

Speaking of shoes... I got new ones. I was working out with a new pair of Adidas trainers... tons of support, etc., but in the past week or so, I've had pain in my shins and my back because I'm supinating in my shoes (i.e. walking on the outside of my foot). As I increased the intensity of my cardio work, the shoes weren't doing me any favours and I was planting my foot and rolling out onto the side... which proved to be pretty painful, requiring me to take frequent breaks in my 45-minute cardio sessions. So, today I went to the Running Room ( and had them do a gait analysis, etc. Turns out the Adidas were good shoes, but not the best ones for me. So after trying out about 5 different pair, we landed on a pair of New Balance Trainers with a nice wide base and the right kind of support for a supinator like me. I just took them for a test drive, and was able to do 50 minutes straight on the treadmill, taking breaks only for sips of water and pulse checks. Didn't need to stop to stretch out my legs and my back... so the new kicks were definitely a good choice. And in this case, they make the man. LOL!

Kia Kaha. Signing off for today...


  1. Glad to hear all the positives....and your obsession not to obsess about numbers.

    Too bad about the acne....sorry...the few pimples. It is sweat and all the kaka coming out of your system. They're probably filled with cheese. haha.

    So proud of you.... keep up the hard work and all my love...
    Kia Kaha Tama,

  2. Aw, the old walking on the outside of the foot............Me, Kieran and now you. Wise decision re-shoes. Glad to hear all is going well and you are managing to focus on what is important to you. The side effects are great, sleeping better etc. Your skin will clear up soon. No worries. Kia Kaha, right back at you.
    Buckets of love. Mom xoxoxo